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[Complete] JK wa Yuki Onna / JK is a Snow Woman (2015) English Softsub

Official Website:
Cast: Taira Yuna, Yokohama Ryusei, Tozuka Junki, Ikeda Elaiza, Tamashiro Tina, Nagao Mariya, and more.
Synopsis: A love story between Snow Women sisters and a male high school student.
Saki Fuyuki (Tina Tamashiro) is a female high school student, but she comes from a family that has the blood of Snow Woman. To revive her family, she is expected to have a baby with Ryunosuke Shiba (Junki Tozuka). He is the prince of the most powerful family in the human world, but Saki is attracted to Rei Ando (Ryusei Yokohama). Rei Ando possesses a warm personality that Ryunosuke Shiba lacks. His family has served for Ryunosuke Shiba's powerful family for generations. Rei Ando is also human unlike Saki Fuyuki. Meanwhile, Koyuki (Yuna Taira) is Saki Fuyuki’s younger sister. She is a middle school student, but enters the high school where Saki attends. Koyuki struggles to protect her older sister. --Asianwiki

  1. Episode 1: Timed to DoA ver.

  2. Episode 2: Timed to DoA ver.

  3. Episode 3: Timed to DoA ver.

  4. Episode 4: Timed to DoA ver.


  1. This is my first time subbing for learning purpose. I chose this drama because of the short duration, simple story, and Yokohama Ryusei xD

  2. Japanese and English are not my first language so you may find grammar errors in spots. If you find any of them or any misleading sentence, please PM your corrections >_<

  3. Enjoy! :D

Tags: 2015, drama, jk wa yuki onna, softsub
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